Frequently Asked Questions

Need information? Feel free to take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions! If you are not able to get an answer to your question here, feel free to reach out to one of our Committee members.

Question: How can I register for the 2024 Winter Season?

Registrations for the 2024 Winter Season will open on 8 January 2024. Once open our registration portal can be accessed via the Vipers Netball Club website. Our registration process is a two-step process. Once you have completed your registration and payment via our website, you will also be redirected to the Netball Connect webpage to complete the Netball Queensland registration. Both of these steps are required before you are eligible to train or play.


Question: How many steps are in the registration process?

Our registration process is a two-step process. 
  • The first step requires registration through Vipers Netball Club website and to complete full payment.
  • The second step requires registration through Netball Connect. Note that if prompted for an additional payment in Netball Connect, please use the code VIPERS2024 which will allow you to check out on Netball Connect without making an additional payment.

Question: How do I apply the discount code in Netball Connect?

The next step in our two-step registration process is to register through Netball Connect! Note that if prompted for an additional payment in Netball Connect, please use the code VIPERS2024 which will allow you to checkout on Netball Connect without making an additional payment.  The following guideline shows how you apply the code:

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Question: What are the costs associated with playing for the club?

Costs for the 2024 Winter Season will be at $400 per player with a $25 sibling discount for a sequent and subsequent family member.  We also offer Referral Discounts to existing members!  

Question: What is a Referral Discount?

If you are an existing member who have referred a new player, you will be eligible for a $20 discount for each referral.  Conditions associated with our referral discount include that: 
  • The new player should not previously have played for Vipers Netball Club   
  • Immediate family members do not fit the criteria for a referral discount and sibling discounts are available in these circumstances. 
  • Referral discount will only be payable back to the member should the new player register and continue playing for Vipers Netball Club until after 1 June 2024.

Question: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do! 

The Vipers Netball Club payment plan requires a 50% deposit upfront with the remainder of the membership fees payable prior to 12 April 2024.  

If you need to organise a different payment plan through Vipers due to your personal financial circumstances, please contact or before completing this registration process. 

Question: I have not yet received my Fair Play Voucher... what now?

Fair Play Vouchers (if eligible) can be applied at time of registration and payment on our website to receive the discount. You are not required to add the Fair Play voucher again to Netball Connect during the second step of the registration process. If you don't have your Fair Play voucher yet, you can add your voucher after registration and full payment to receive a credit (note this is only valid if you have received your voucher before the cut off date for Round 10).

Question: How will my membership fee be used?

The following breakdown provides an overview of how your payment will be utilised.  FAQ  Facebook  Cover


Question: Where is training held and at what times?

Training for the 2024 Winter Season will be held on Wednesday or Thursday evenings at Aspley State School, Horn Road, Aspley QLD 4034. We will publish the training schedule as well as the times for each of our teams once regstrations for the 2024 Winter season has been completed.

Question: When do we play our weekly games?

Games are played each Saturday at Downey Park Netball Association grounds at Northey St & Green Terrace, Windsor QLD 4030 with the first game starting on 20 April 2024. 

Playing times will be communicated to parents post the 2024 Winter season registration and once all the Vipers netball teams have been confirmed.

Question: What uniforms are required?

Each player must be correctly attired in a Vipers Netball Club uniform which includes a Vipers dress, black bummers and socks for girls and a Vipers shirt, black shorts socks for boys. Players who would prefer to wear long tights in lieu of bummers for religious or cultural reasons are very welcome to do so. 

Vipers uniform attire can be purchased online via our Uniform Shop.


Question: Can I wear long leggings for cultural or religious reasons?

Yes you can.  Please purchase Vipers Netball Club leggings in the online uniform shop and send a quick email to This will allow us to inform Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) of the individual exemptions prior to the season commencing.  Exemptions must be approved by DPNA before players will be allowed to take the court. 
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