Our Sponsors and Partners

The Vipers Netball Club would like to thank our past and present sponsors and partners, who have shown kindness and generosity towards our club. Their contribution helps to increase participation of young children in netball and promote health and fitness in our community.

Vipers are known for their fast snake strikes. Simply put, a strike happens when a snake whips its head forwards as part of a lunge, to take an opportunity. Only fitting that our sponsorship opportunities have taken on the names of some of the quickest vipers. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of Vipers Netball Club, please take a look at our Sponsorship Prospectus or contact Jess Ford at president@vipersnetball.com.au.

Our Sponsorship Prospectus 2024

Our 2024 Sponsors and Partners

The following businesses have donated goods and services to the Vipers Netball Club as part of fundraising activities:

thumbnail CR ASPLEY
Cold Rock Ice Creamery Aspley 

At Cold Rock Ice Creamery, we’re not your typical ice cream store. We’re the coolest place to get your frozen sweet treats! With over 30,000 combos to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re craving a classic ice cream cone, a decadent ice cream cake, or a delicious shake, we have something for everyone.

Phone: (07) 3108 0902

Email: aspley@coldrock.com.au

Axellerate SportsAt Axellerate, we understand the importance of apparel in enabling athletes to perform at their best. Our cutting-edge designs, advanced fabric technologies, and attention to detail across our apparel range for each sport ensures that every garment meets the rigorous demands of today’s modern athletes.

Email: sales@axelleratesports.com
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